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Many of us have portraits of our mums, dads, grandparents, and maybe even great grandparents. I think I can safely say, these pictures often take pride of place in our homes, so why not have a portrait session for yourself and your family, so in the fullness of time these photographs will adorn your children’s and grandchildren’s homes.

Session fees are £20 payable in advance either via Paypal or bank transfer. Please note no images are included!

Standard Portraiture 1-4 people: 

Please note that no images are included with the session fee. A short time after the session I will upload between 20 and 30 images onto a private gallery within my web site and it is entirely your decision whether to purchase any of the images any or not. For family groups with over 4 persons please message me. The number of persons in a ‘home shoot’ group is governed by the space available. A standard session will last for between one and two hours.


Newborn and baby Portraits: Due to the amount of props used for newborns I now only do these from my home. Newborns up to age of 10 days can be accommodated, after this age it is not really feasible to pose baby with the arms holding the head, or similar poses without the possibility of  injury.  At least one parent or guardian must be present at these sessions which can last for around 2 hours. Baby portraits are much easier and can be done at the babies home. 


Prints and Block Prices:

Listed are the more common sizes if you have a particular size you require please enquire.

Prints 6 x 4 £5.00 // 9 x 6 £8.00 // 10 x 8 £10.00 // 12 x 8 £10.00

Square Prints: Images to a square format they are only available as a square print!  8 x 8 £8.00 // 10 x 10 £10 // 12 x 12 £15.00

Print Wraps: The modern alternative to canvas they come supplied ready to hang and boxed. They are available in many sizes: 10 x 8 £25 // A4 £30 // 12 x 12 £30 // 16 x 12 £40 // 30 x 20 £75.00 // 36 x 24 £90

Also available are High Res digital downloads at £15. These allow you to print your own images and will be sent to you via email. I am not responsible for the quality of prints. Alternatively a USB with all the images (usually between 20-30 pictures) can be purchased at £150 

Please note my prints are produced by one of the country’s leading professional Labs on silver halide paper. They are photographic prints! Not home-made ink jet or super market prints.

Albums are also available, including some especially for baby shoots please ask to see samples.


Photo Noir


PHOTO NOIR Portrait Sessions (My personal favourite!)

This style of image speaks about emotion, depth, and absolute simplicity.
The ‘Photo Noir’ session is always planned with complete simplicity in mind, clothing is kept dark to maximise the impact of the image. The idea is for the faces to be the main feature of the portrait, with the eyes being the point of focus.
This is a most emotional style of portraiture and is always presented in black and white.
The sessions can be done at either your home or mine, but please note the room must be very dark. The session will last about an hour, the images will be head and shoulders and some maybe half-length portraits. 



Clothing Suggestions and ideas


The selection of clothing is a very important factor in preparing for a successful portraiture session.

Dark clothing seems to slim the body, whilst lighter clothing appears to add weight.

Very bright coloured clothing attracts attention thus moving the emphasis of the portrait away from the face. If you choose lighter colours please pick pastel shades, but avoid pinkish tones. May I suggest pale yellows and blues.

Single coloured garments always work best, prints and patterns again are a distraction away from the persons face.

Long sleeved clothing on adults is always a better option.

A scarf loosely tied helps to frame the face.

It is a good idea for the clothing below the waistline to be darker than that worn above, as it helps attract attention to the upper portion of the body.

A higher neckline is normally the most flattering, open necklines tend to thicken the neck, V necks are ideal and again frame the face well.

Hair & makeup is very much a personal decision, but normally ‘less is more’