1. Choosing your wedding photographer.

When you decide to start looking for the person who will have the important job of capturing your wedding day there are a number of considerations you should think about carefully.

Firstly the photographer needs to have a style of photography you like. It’s no good saying after the event you don’t like the images if they are taken in the photographers usual style.

It also needs mentioning that you are going to spend a fair amount of time with your wedding photographer, possibly the whole day, so you need to make sure that, that you feel comfortable and more importantly relaxed in their company.

Although it may seem obvious please check the photographer has insurance and not just public liability but professional indemnity as well, it is also a good idea for you to take out wedding insurance, as an example venues can, and do, go out of business with no warning! 

I am well aware that wedding photographers vary greatly in price and it can be difficult to understand exactly what is on offer. Ensure you understand what a package includes, will you receive your images on a disc or USB, will you be able to print your own pictures, and will they be watermarked?

Despite what many photographers will tell you, it isn’t always necessary to spend over a thousand pounds for a full days coverage as some photographers would have you believe, remember the most expensive photographer is not necessarily the best, and conversely the cheapest isn’t always the worst, and the old adage of you get what you pay for isn’t always correct!

Many, possibly most brides just don't have huge amounts of money they can lavish on a wedding, but, you don’t have to spend a fortune for quality work, just please look carefully at the photographers work and you may well bag yourself a bargain.

Your wedding photographs are really important, and the years that follow will prove just how important!  Having spent a fortune on your dress, do you really want it showing as a white ‘blob’ in your pictures without any of the fine detail showing? Remember, you cannot retake them once your wedding day is gone. Professional photographers will have back up equipment, another camera different lenses, and more than one flash, your friend with the nice camera won’t!  Perhaps your ‘Uncle Bob’ or a friend who has a ’nice camera’ may not be such a good choice after all.

Lastly remember it’s your wedding, and you need to be comfortable with your wedding photographer.


  1. My Wedding Photography

My own style is a mixture of traditional mixed with a good number of candid shots, and I make no apology for the term traditional as invariably it’s this style that gets printed or framed. A mix of colour and mono images will be supplied with the ratio depending very much on the venue, and the light, in most circumstances around a third will be in mono.

I offer a free, no obligation appointment where you can talk about the sort of images you like, and don’t like.

If you do decide to book an appointment I will show you a complete wedding (or more if you like).  I will also show you some of my sample albums, it’s very easy for photographs to look better on screen as the screen is backlit and the pictures seem to glow, all very well, but how do they print?!! The albums will allow you to see my images in print, (albeit professional prints)

Whilst many of the images of your wedding will be posed, such as groups, the bride and groom portraits, and others, I do like to look for those special moments which are over in a blink of the eye, just lost and forgotten in the fullness of time.  Many words are used to describe this style of picture, documentary, journalistic, and the new “in” word reportage pronounced in the French way! With me being somewhat more down to earth I use the word candid! Very often many of these pictures you will come to treasure as they are natural and real.

I have recently noted the term cheesy being used to describe traditionally styled wedding pictures. So what in fact is a “traditional” wedding picture? Groups? Portraits?  Well of all the images taken it is the good old group shot which gets the longest look by the bride and groom, or perhaps it’s an image of the newly married couple set against a lovely background. Either way I like traditional wedding photographs and I think my style reflects this.

Please bear in mind your days timing schedule as where possible I like to have an hour and a half to complete the group shots, the bridal party pictures, and the couple portraits, and if the groups decide to be ‘difficult’ by not being ready or certain guests going missing it may take longer!

Timing and planning are very important, if you decide to use my traditional service please bear in mind I am only there for 3½ hours not 4 or more!